Editing Projects


Being a psychologically-driven film, I was focused on keeping the viewer in the head of the main character. Feeling why she does what she does, the peaks and valleys of her emotions are integral for the project to have its needed impact.


Edited on Adobe Premiere

Produced by DRYGULCH


I worked very closely with the director of this short film in order to deliver the non-traditional narrative in a way that fit with his vision. In addition to meticulously editing the project, I worked in a managerial role with the other post-production roles to bring everything together into a cohesive, functional whole.


Edited on Avid Media Composer

Written & Directed by Austin Smagalski

The Bottom of the Ramp

This documentary was a collaborative project, with the entire team working vigilantly through research, filming and post-production. I was in charge of editing, managing many different versions as well as all of the footage being shot and integrated into the project as we edited, all done in a very short time frame.


Edited on Final Cut Pro

Produced by the San Francisco State University Health Equity Institute

Emily C. Martin, Illustrator

In this documentary short, I strove to convey the passion and personality of comic illustrator Emily Martin, weaving together her motivations, locations that inspire her, and the work she produces to paint a comprehensive picture of the artist.


Edited on Adobe Premiere

Produced by DRYGULCH

Lip Sync Battle: Beyond the Battle with Michael Phelps, John Legend, Terry Crews & Olivia Munn

This is part of a series of post-show videos I edited for the third season of Lip Sync Battle, meant to capture the fun and camaraderie of the featured guests, and tease the highlights of their full performances.


Edited on Adobe Premiere

Produced by Spike

Rock The Troops Behind the Scenes Promo: Pearl Harbor

A short behind-the-scenes piece to promote the television special Rock the Troops, used as part of the promo circuit on shows such at Entertainment Tonight.

Edited on Adobe Premiere

Produced by Spike

Visit Mendocino

A short commercial that focused on selling the romance angle of Mendocino County, California.


Edited on Adobe Premiere

Produced by Bay Area Media Masters

Keller Williams Beverly Hills: Red Day

The goal with this piece was to promote the cause as much as the client, to avoid a self-congratulatory sentiment. To do this, I focused on the realtors' joy at their service, passion for the work they were doing, and, of course, the appreciation of the children.


Edited on Adobe Premiere

Produced by Wonderfun Video Productions

Music & Experimental
A Poem About Nothing

For this art film I worked carefully to craft the poet's performance, cutting its duration down by a third, while striving to enhance the emotional and narrative crux of the piece. 


Edited on Adobe Premire

Written and performed by Christopher Justice

Produced by DRYGULCH


This is an experimental film that I created using hand manipulation and editing of 16mm film stock. No digital work was done on it, except for inverting the colors of a few shots.


Edited with my own two hands, a splicer and some tape 

Original music by The Blair Brothers