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About me


Noah Diamond is a Freelance Editor and Filmmaker who currently works and lives in Los Angeles. Hailing from the Bay Area, the initial spark of ingenuity entered his life early on and has stayed with him ever since. Since his sophomore year in high school, Noah has meticulously studied the art of film, theatre, photography, and web and graphic design. He continued his education of the arts upon graduation and obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Cinema from San Francisco University.


Noah is certified in Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro. He’s also well-versed in Avid Media Composer and Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.


Additionally, Noah received Second Place for On-the-spot Critical Review and Honorable Mention for On-the-spot Video Journalism. Noah was the Editor for a film by Austin Smagalski entitled “Wake,” which received an Emerging Artist Award at the McMinnville Short Film Festival in 2014.


When he isn’t immersed in his career, Noah still aims to expand his knowledge base, but also thoroughly enjoys stand-up comedy, film review, board games, and even fencing.

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